Bust Some ALT Tags Myth To Curb Down Confusion

ALT Tags

An alt tag is a part of HTML attribute which is utilized in image tags as it offers a text alternative for correlation with search engines. An alt tag is alt attribute or alt description, but there is a myth that it is only known as alt tags. Alt tags are generally used as a crisp form, and they are utilized on product images of the website to improve the ranking in the search engine page result.




Basically, an alternative attribute of a picture tag is a bridge that connects search engine and robots to a website so that they can interpret an image in the form a text. Applying SEO alt tag is not a tough task, but for proper optimization, it is smart to hire best SEO services in India who will meticulously influence the ranking. Images with appropriate alt tags help the website to get properly indexed.

Some Myths Associated With Alt Tags

There are some myths related SEO alts tags that are creating much confusion when one opt for best SEO packages in India. So the following points will depict some myth bust, which will assist users in selecting their packages:

  • Many people believe that alt attribute is known as Alt tags, but in reality, alternative attributes of an image tag are real names of Alt tags. Alt attributes acts as a modifier in HTML code. Basically, the alt tag is just a single part of an image tag, and it is not actually a tag.
  • There is a myth that SEO alt tag can replace the textual part of a web page. However, this is just myth no element can replace the valuable textual content of a page. A website can get a good ranking with just images on their pages and this why alt attributes can’t replace text contents.
  • It is believed alt attribute has been created only for SEO as they are widely used by many best SEO services in India. Alt attributes are used for accessibility, and it was originally developed for impaired visitors so that they can easily access. However hindering the alt attribute factor can reduce accessibility which can hamper the ranking.
  • Whenever a business owner opts for the best SEO packages in India, they try to utilize SEO alt tags on every image. However, if an image has proper orientation, then there is no need to use alt attributes in that image.
  • Business owner believes that when there is a need for optimization, alt attribute should stay in the first priority. However, this is just a myth because alt attributes don’t influence much in ranking, so it is better to optimize other elements before optimizing alt attributes. However, when someone is uploading new images, then it would be smart to use alt attribute in that picture.




Many people think that it is very tough to write alt attributes, but most of the owners take help from SEO service who has developers for those jobs. A developer uses tools, shortcuts, and scripts to swift up the writing process of alt attributes.


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