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Google Hummingbird

Majority of the businesses today are modifying their SEO and web marketing strategies in order to rank high in the Google Search Engine by opting for some of the best SEO packages in India.

In any SEO program, the vital and very important consideration is conducting the audit of the client’s website, so that there is complete understanding of the loopholes and the aspects to be focused and make it successful so as to bring it on the top in Google ranking.


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And after the launch of Hummingbird, many of the user’s clients showed impressive rise in the SEO ranking, because their competitors were not updated with the Google changes.

Below is the complete guide to the essentials of Google Hummingbird for beginners:

  • Important Considerations:

Google Hummingbird works on the similar manner as you had been focusing on your previous logarithm, but the only difference is the style in which you implement them.

  • Highlighting of Technicalities:

If your site is accessible easily and effortlessly by the viewers, then there is nothing better than this. Your internal link structures, easy to download page, images and sitemaps etc, if all are quick and fast that that would lead to ultimate satisfaction of the customers.

  • URL structure:

One of the most important considerations while using Google Hummingbird is that its on-page elements, URL structures, title tags etc. should all be very appropriate and convenient for the customers.

  • Original content:

The content in your website should be 100% original and should have a high quality matter, so that it suits the taste and requirement of the viewers. If any copy-paste is done, then the algorithm would recognize it and bring your ranking down.

  • Make use of appropriate title tags:

Your title tags should match your web content and meta description, so that the visitors get attracted and visit your page with much interest. Just make sure that the title does not mislead the visitors as it would put negative impact on your Google ranking.

  • Easy Navigation:

There should be easy navigation in your site’s architecture, so that the visitors to your site don’t get confused as to which link to follow and where they should proceed next.

  • Support Mobile

With tremendous rise of mobile internet users, your website should be supportive enough to be conveniently accessible on mobile platforms as well.

  • Make your home page look different and interesting:

Your homepage should be different from the rest of the pages by putting that information which the viewers look out for, or by making the layout different and interesting with more focus on strong focal points.


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Google is evolving rapidly and Hummingbird is the only logical step which most of the users prefer using, and with many affordable SEO Services in India, which offers some of the Best SEO Packages in India, has successfully taken internet search to a complete new level. Just make some changes in the algorithm and make necessary modifications in the SEO strategies and marketing plans and get a chance to rank high in the Search Engine Optimization.


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