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The fact that Facebook has more than a billion registered users makes it a great social platform. As far as online advertising is concerned, this platform can’t simply be ignored. It is indeed a platform with great potential, where one can easily put up their ads and reaches out to billions of potential customers. If you own a business website, Facebook offers you the necessary tools for creating ads through which you can easily attract users to your website.


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Facebook advertising has proved not only to be influential, but also extremely effective. It is one of the most rewarding forms of online advertising. This is mainly because of the fact that Facebook provides you an opportunity to reach out to millions of potential customers with a short period of time. Having said that, Facebook advertising is not all that simple. The fact that your advertisements reach out to millions of people does not guarantee you increased traffic or better sales. You need to implement a few strategies for success through Facebook ads.

Be Specific About The Type of Advertisement

Facebook provides you an Ad Creation tool, which can be used for creating ads for your business. You can create an advertisement for three main purposes: for getting more fans, for promoting your posts or for directing users on Facebook to your business website. One thing you must always remember is that these ads are mainly displaying ads, not search ads. Users visit Facebook mainly to connect with their social friends, not to shop for products and services. Therefore, your main aim should be creating ads that can help you connect with your followers, who could be your potential customers.

Use Images

The most effective way of advertising through Facebook is by advertising with pictures. In fact, Facebook even has a policy which states that 80% of all the advertisements placed on the website should be in the form of images. Thus, it is extremely critical to create ads with a compelling image for the intended purpose. If you wish to catch the attention of more users, your ad should be unique and striking.


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Know Your Audience

It is true that millions of users access Facebook on a regular basis, but that doesn’t mean that you can advertise to all the users. Different users have different interests, belong to different age groups and come from different age groups. There is no way you can advertise to each and every one of them. You need to identify a particular segment of Facebook users who could be your potential customers. Facebook even provides a tool through which you can specify the category of users you wish your ads to reach.

Facebook Posts are very important

Along with creating advertisements, another very effective Facebook advertising strategy is to create relevant posts that users can like, comment on or share. You need to create posts on Facebook on a regular basis. You will also have to promote those posts so that your followers are always alerted about it.

Cost and timing

Just like any other form of advertising, Facebook advertising also has a certain cost, although it is very minimal. You can keep your advertising cost low by specifying your daily affordable advertising budget. It is recommended that you start off with a small budget, and then by monitoring the performance of your ads, you can increase the budget steadily.

Timing is very critical with Facebook advertising. A very common knowledge gives you an idea of when most Facebook users access the site. Depending on your target audience, you can determine the best time for running your advertising campaign.

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