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10 Problems Everyone Has With SEO And How To Solve Them

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which one of the most important things that make a website a successful one and bring it on the first page of the search results on any of the search engines like Google or Yahoo. When it comes to India there are a lot of SEO Company India, they offer SEO services to the people who would like to grow their business using the power of World Wide Web and reach out to a wider audience than before.

It is not hard to find a good SEO Company India as there are more than 500+ different companies in the country now doing this job. They have their own SEO packages india depending on the needs of the customers and the type of websites that they want to have.


Top 10 SEO Problems


A lot of people have a view that SEO must be an easy process and anyone who knows to write and think well can actually be a good SEO professional but that is absolutely wrong as it’s not just your writing and though process that matters but then there is a lot more to it which you will know in the next article.

But now our topic here is to understand about the”10 problems everyone has with SEO and how to solve them” so let’s understand them one by one and also troubleshoot them simultaneously.

  • Duplicate Content

One of the major issues that even a best SEO Company at times faces is the Duplicity of Contents which is strictly not accepted in the SEO industry. This happens because of the lack of knowledge among the writers and creativity which actually forces them to copy paste contents directly from other websites. They often tend to forget that the website owners have plagiarism checkers that will tell them if the content is copied or not and in case they find anything that has been copied from other websites the content is rejected immediately no matter how good it is.


Duplicate Content

Solution –

The solution to the Delicacy of content however is very simple and straight. You need to train up the writers properly and tell them about the implications of coping contents from other pages. Make sure that you as a SEO company owner or a writer know the subject matter well before you start writing, if you have doubts ask the website owners they will clarify.

  • Title tag Issues

Now the title tag is actually that describes the page content within 60-65 words maximum. This is the most important part of a webpage as before entering into a page a person reads the Meta description about the content in the page which is just below the link through which he or she can enter into the page. If you can grab the attention of the person through your Meta description then the person actually becomes your prospect customer and if you are lucky then that customer may also buy things from you. But then this is where 80-90% of the websites lags way behind and never ever reaches the first page so that the people can actually know them.


Well when it comes to solving the Title Tag Issues then the best an SEO company can do is ask the owners of the websites to explain their website clearly to the writer. This will actually help the writer to write a proper Meta description about the contents of the webpage as this is extremely important.

  • Meta Description Issues

What you read in point 2 is about the whole of Title tag that explains the whole web page now here in point 3 you need to understand as to what Meta Descriptions Issues are. Now a Meta description should be strictly limited to 60-65 words in order for it to be less than or equal to 512 pixels which makes it easily readable as it’s complete.

Well this is a rule so you cannot actually change it or amend it and make it longer than 65 words. Then another problem happens here where the description does not have anything to do with the website content which is pretty harmful. A person browsing your website can even flag or spam your website as well so you better be careful.

Solution –

The solution to this problem lies in the hands of the companies that offer SEO Services India as they need to check the perfectness of the Meta description before they upload the whole thing on the web. They need to give the Meta descriptions for proof reading and make sure that the content and the description is matching.

  • Image Optimization Issues

The images that you use on your website are also very important as they are that very things that actually attract a customer to your page. Now what happens here is that at times the Images are so very big that they load very slowly and this makes the person viewing your webpage displeased and they eventually leave. Even you as a customer imagine getting into a website and waiting for more than 3 minutes for an image to load, you will get bored and never visit the page again right.

Solution –

It is very important that the images that you upload or use on your website should be clean and clean as well as the exact size so that they load along with the contents as well. This is on the designer to choose the proper images that reflect the content on the page properly.

  • Link Issues

This is another big problem with the inexperienced SEO Companies as they do not have a clear idea about what link issues are. A lot of times websites are jam packed with misleading links that create a lot of problem for the users. At times even the website link is also not properly related to the website so how will a person understand or even know the website address. This is one of those problems that a lot of websites are still facing unable to understand what to do.

Solution –

If there is a problem then there is a solution to it as well, so when it comes to linking issues only the best SEO Company or companies can help you out in solving it. You see this is a major issue and has to be solved without any delay. All you need to do is tell them your problems with the Links on your website and their engineers will sort it out easily.

  • Poor Mobile Experience

A lot of websites never ever come even till the 2nd page of the search results or are mostly spammed by the users because of extremely poor mobile experience on the websites. At times because of faulty web design used manuvering of a website somehow slow down or is so tough that it irritates a person more than helping them. No one will visit a website that has poor mobile experience as they know that these websites are a waste of time.

Solution –

If you know that people are having Poor Mobile Experience with your website you need to be on your toes to get the problem fixed on an ASAP basis. There are some companies in India that deal with this problem pretty well and will sort it for you with their SEO packages that include poor mobile experience changing services.

  • Messy URLs

This is yet another issue with a lot of websites where the URLs are extremely messy, you might be surprised to know that a huge audience prefers to read the URLs as well before they click on it. Most of the times the URLs are so long that even search engines ignore them whole filtering results.


The solution to this issue is straight and simple and that is your URL should be related to the website name this makes it easy for the users to actually understand what a website is all about.

  • Slow Page Loads

The biggest turnoff for a webpage is when it is slow to load; people hate such pages and will also insist their friends not to use the page. This is extremely harmful and happens due to too much content on a page as well as big pictures that take time to load and eventually the whole things becomes slower than a snail which is not good.


Page Loading problems


Solution –

No one on this planet earth has time for slow things; people were getting tired of using cash so they bought in E-wallets, people were tired of using old keypad phones they bought in smart phones with QWERTY keypads that make typing faster.

So this same principle applies to a web page as well where a person can maximum wait for 3 minutes in the slowest net connection for pages to open. Your page needs to be super fast in order to attract people to it; well this is how the super online stores actually have gained so much popularity right because they are fast.

  • Too Much Flash

Flash itself is a problem when it comes to SEO as it does not help in any ways rather brings the ratings down because it irritates people. Imagine reading an important part in a website and all of a sudden something pops up and deviates your focus. It will actually be irritating so using flash can always be avoided until and unless it is extremely necessary.

Solution –

Make sure that you use flash only when it is important and helpful for the website. This is something that can be used when there is less information on the website and you want the customer to actually concentrate on other things that you have to offer as well.

  • Improper Redirects

When a person enters a website a person actually expects that the redirects that are there in the website are actually related to the content in the website. Many a times a lot of website owners actually let improper links and redirects remain on the websites as they get money for endorsing a brand or a product. But this is very harmful as the website on the other hand is losing popularity because of improper redirects. Almost 30% of all the websites these days do have wrong redirects.

Solution –

Only a best SEO Company in India can help you in getting proper redirects on your websites. These companies actually employ experts to do this job and are pretty successful in it as well.


How to Solve SEO Problems


So these are the 10 problems that people have to face with SEO and methods of solving them in the best possible way. Thank you.


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