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Every website needs a good written meta tag, which helps in identifying relevancy of website page searched by an online user.  Before proceeding in this blog, it’s needed to know what is a meta tag?

Meta Tag is used in the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) page of a website and contains a relevant description about the page or website that enables online visitors to find their desired page or website to search easily over the web. This tag is applied at the top of the page and represents the main heading of the page.


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It’s necessary to have a meta tag on every page of a site. The tag should include a short description along with relevant keyword that will make easy for online user to search the similar page online on the same keyword.  The brief of tag should be written in one or two sentences that reflect the meaning of the page in short.

Having an effective meta tag on the website will help online users and search engines to find the exact page from the index and pick up the same page with the same keyword as per the query of the user.  Even more, the website or web page having quality meta becomes easy to crawl on the search engines and picked fast by them whenever required. As a result, rank of a web page increases, if it has a well-written meta description.


Types of Meta Tags

Probably, there are four types of meta tags such as:

Title Tag: This is an important tag that represents the title of the page. Even more helpful it is for search engines to search the page and impacts well on the ranking of the same page.  One can find this tag at the top of the browser page.

Meta Description Attribute: It is a good tag used in providing a relevant detail about the page to search engines. Even the tag includes the description and keyword relating to the meaning of the page. Thus, a meta description can help webmasters to boost up the ranking of the page over the web.

Meta Robots Attributes: This tag enables search engines what to do with the page. If the page has relevancy as per the Google’s norms, then search engines will follow the page, otherwise will tag it no follow the page.

Meta Keyword Attribute:  This tag has less importance than others. It was just used earlier in context of keywords on the page, but did not give much benefit to the search engines.  Presently, Google does not use this tag in its ranking algorithm.


use of meta tags


How meta tag helps webmasters in optimizing the site or web page

Every SEO professional should take care of meta tags while going to optimize the sites of their clients. It becomes necessary to check first that web page or site has a relevant and informative meta description or not. If not, then correct this error first and input a well-written meta content in the HTML tag on the source page of the site that should include a keyword relating to the subject of the page or site. After fixing this error, you can go ahead with the optimization process and find good results for sure.

By using metadata in the page correctly, you can easily enhance the ranking of the page or site and will make it more search engine friendly as well. Thus, it was all about the importance of a meta tag for website’s promotion.



A meta tag is an essential element of the site, which helps online users and search engines to find their relevant search results online and gives a meaningful description of the page according to the search query.

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