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Nowadays, Facebook advertising is in full effect. Once you log in to your Facebook account, you will see various ads based on your preferences. The accuracy of these ads can be startling. Being a social media platform, Facebook knows a lot of your personal information and preferences. This aspect is particularly beneficial for the online advertisers. With Facebook advertising, you can reach your target audience by setting more specific criteria.

How to use Facebook Advertising?

If you have an online business, you would certainly want to utilize the benefits that Facebook advertising. PPC, or Pay Per Client, is very powerful through Facebook and there are several ways of approaching it. There are two ways: paid ads and free advertising. This is quite similar to Google, where you have organic results (SEO pages) and paid results (Google AdWords).


Organic Facebook


Organic Facebook Advertising

Organic advertising basically means that you won’t have to directly pay for your traffic. Of course, there is no such thing as free advertising, so you would have to pay in some way or the other. However, with organic Facebook advertising, you don’t pay a particular price for every click. Here’s an overview of such advertising on Facebook:

  • Set up a fan page or profile:

Facebook allows you to set up a fan page free of cost. If you have a service or product, you can set up a page. On the Facebook page, you can post literally anything, from photos and videos to product information, a link to your website and sales copy. You can even sell directly from the page.

  • Get Traffic to your page:

With organic advertising, this is a tricky part and the people who tend new to marketing or internet tend to forget it. Once your page is set up, you have to somehow get people to see your Facebook page and advertising information. There are several ways of increasing traffic to your page, but all of them include providing a link somewhere or the other in hopes of people clicking it and getting to your page. There are literally million places on the Internet where you can put your link, although some of them are more helpful than the others.

Although organic Facebook advertising doesn’t require you to pay, it does require a lot of manual work. It involves article writing, forum posts, blog comments, communicating with possible customers and other time consuming task. If you do it correctly, it would definitely be worth, I, especially if you are aiming at the longevity of your business.


Facebook Organic


Paid Facebook Advertising

For those who are serious about online advertising, paid Facebook advertising is the real thing. If you can afford it, you should definitely go for it. In this case, Facebook works as just about any other advertising platform such as Google or Yahoo. It is basically a way of buying traffic to your website. Paid ads pop up on the screen of Facebook users who could be your potential customers. Here are the advantages of this form of Facebook Advertising:

  • Properly Target Your Audience:

With paid Facebook advertising, you can attract the exact customers you want. Facebook advertising, PPC allows you to target by age, gender, education, likes, etc.

  • Pay for what you want:

If you don’t have a large budget or if you wish to try out new products, you can still enjoy the benefits of Facebook advertising.

  • Instant results:

Most of the online businesses get instant results through paid Facebook advertising. Once your ad is on Facebook, you will almost instantly get better traffic.

With so many users on Facebook, this form of advertising makes it easy to attract potential customers.

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