Why Most SEO Fail ? And How You Can Succeed At It 3

9 reasons why most SEO fail and ideas how you can succeed at it

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is a process by which different search engines rate a particular website on different parameters and then show them as per the relevance of the person who is searching for some information. Now you may think that each and every website that you enter is interesting when you are searching for something on the web but then do you actually go to the second page of the search results?

The answer that 99% of people will give to this question is “NO” as they find whatever they need in the first page itself.  So when you as a customer or a viewer can find out the relevant information in the first page itself then think of the millions of other people who log on to net every day to find out things and also find the information needed on the first page of the search results.


why most seo fail


Now SEO Services India has become pretty huge because of the massive demand for website designing and development which is happening due to the development of the country from all spheres.

So here in this article you will come to know in detail about the 9 mistakes that even a best SEO company makes when it comes to making proper websites that has each and everything that is needed for it to come to the topmost rankings on the search results. If you as a SEO professional just avoid these 9 mistakes that have been mentioned here it will be easier for your website to come on the first page of search results.

  • Being out of Date

The biggest mistake that designers as well as writers do when they are making a website is that they add the same old information that is going on for centuries. People are tired of the same stereotype contents and pictures that websites have on them as they have become old and redundant and no one wants to see them again.

Now if your website has the same old information then no one will be interested in it anymore in fact search engines will also not recognize your webpage as relevant and will ignore it.

So in order to solve this problem you need to keep your designers updated with the recent technology and the modern methods of designing websites and your writers should also be updated with adequate knowledge of the subject or the product that they are writing about. For all this you need perfect SEO packages that include both website designing and content writing facilities.

  • Low Ambition

You must always keep in mind that more than 80% of the websites are created in order to attract people. Say if a particular company is selling mobile phones and as you know that there are thousands of companies doing the same work as well so how will your company website stand out in the crowd and attract people more than all the other websites in the same genre.

Well the answer to this is that your website designers and content writers should be passionate and ambitious about their work. Only a good SEO Company India can assure you this as they hire the most ambitious people who will make sure that each and everything that they create is a masterpiece.

Ambition is important in another way also as when a person creates a website his or her motive will always be to make the whole thing very innovative and perfect so that more and more people visit the website.

  • Not having Proper SEO plan or Strategy

Each and everything in life should be properly planned and executed be it in personal life or professional life and when it comes to SEO then it is mandatory to have proper SEO plan or Strategy which actually is the base of all websites. It is practically impossible to actually come on the first two pages of the search results if your website is not planned and designed properly.


Not having Proper SEO plan or Strategy


Make sure that your designers actually spend at least one full day on planning the design and try different layouts for the webpage and then beginning the design. When it comes to writers then make sure that you give them adequate information and ideas to prepare the content on the webpage as this is also an important factor.

There are a lot of SEO companies in the country who are now offering comprehensive SEO packages that are simply excellent in terms of investments and do give out good results in the long run.

  • Website design and structure is not planned

Planning is the key to success and when it comes to website designing process then planning is mandatory. The main reason why a website is not located by search engines is because the Website design and structure is not planned which in turn brings a loss in the business.

So if you feel that your business website is somehow falling under this category you need to get in touch with a good company that is providing SEO Services India and they will help you out in the best possible way.


need planned website design and structure


As a customer you need to rely on the skills of the designers as they are the best people to help you out in this case, yes you can chip in some ideas for sure if you feel that the ideas can actually add some X-factor to the webpage. Be in constant touch with the website designing process and make sure that you tell them about each and every need of yours pertaining to the website.

  • On-page SEO Mistake

Only a best SEO company can help you to avoid silly On-page SEO Mistakes as this is the root cause why 90% of the good websites actually lag way behind. Very small mistakes are often ignored because of which these problems happen.

There are issues with the spelling and grammar in the content of the webpage then there are issues with the pictures that load very slowly making the viewer wait too long and they get bored and leave the page.

Always remember a fact that when there are spelling mistakes in your webpage people will consider it as a waste as it’s pretty common that when there are spelling mistakes on the page the content written there is irrelevant. Please make sure that you avoid all such typographical errors at any cost as they may sound simple but then are pretty dangerous to the future of the web page.

  • Keyword Study is not done properly

Search engines locate Keywords to bring out results and when a writer is given to write about a normal “Cricket Bat” which is a sports equipment and misjudges it with “Cricket” and “Bat” which are insects the total thing is wrong.

So you must study the keywords given properly and then place them at proper places in the content and not wherever you wish. There is something called “Keyword density” so making sure that the number of times you use the Keyword does not exceed the required limit or else the search engines will ignore your website again. Take the help of the Google Adwords campaign which is the most used these days to find and place proper keywords in their place.

  • Content mistakes

This is something that should never ever happen as this is something that is a major fault. If there are mistakes in the content on your webpage then no one is actually going to be interested in your website. One of the prime rules of SEO is proper content which each and every company providing SEO Services India follows strictly without fail.

One misspelt word can actually change the meaning of the whole content and everything will go for a toss on the webpage. Content mistakes are a big NO NO when it comes to the process of Search Engine Optimization. First of all if your content on the webpage is wrong then search engines will never even locate you right so make sure that the content on the page is proper and usable.

  • Off-page SEO Mistake

Off-page SEO Mistake is another silly issue that rises due to the carelessness of the designers in the process of designing the websites. There are a lot of websites that have to be redesigned just in order to make them responsive to hand held electronic devices so that the icons get arranged as per the screen size of the device.

This is mandatory now as more than 45% of the website browsing is done through mobiles and other hand held electronic devices where the screen size is small compared to a desktop or a laptop.

  • Link Building Mistakes

Two things can happen here so let’s understand them separately

  • The main website link

You need to make sure that the website link is related to what you are endorsing from your website. Say you are endorsing XYZ cream in Canada so your website address should be something like xyzcreamcanada.com so on and so forth. Websites like this are easy to locate.

  • Link directs

Make sure that the link directs are proper as they matter a lot, if the directs from your page are improper then it is you who will lose the interest of the customer not anyone else.

So these are the 9 reasons why most SEO fail and ideas how you can succeed at it unplugged for you. Stay tuned for more valuable information on this topic as well.

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