Winning Tactics For SEO 2017

SEO 2017

The success of your website depends highly on the perfect design of your home page. To make your home page attractive and in order to rank high on the Search Engine Optimization , avail the services of affordable SEO Company in India who offers the best SEO packages in India.


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To keep the viewers stick to your website, the home page should be very attractive, because it’s very important to impress them and compel them to go through your entire website rather than disappointing them. There are few winning tactics for SEO 2017, where you have to avoid certain things on your home page.

  • Don’t overstock the page with images:

For a proper and professional look of your website, don’t over stock your home page with images. Just put images that are authentic and relevant to your business without over stuffing them.

  • Make your home page look different and interesting:

Make your homepage different from the rest of the pages by putting that information which the viewers look out for, or by making the layout different and interesting with more focus on strong focal points.

  • ‘Welcome’ word should be avoided:

Viewers need a headline or a tagline which explains in short what valuable information your website is going to provide them. The word ‘welcome’ looks highly unprofessional and does little justice in letting the viewers know what they expect from your website.

  • Avoid putting ‘LLC’, ‘.com’ or ‘homepage’ as your page title:

There is absolutely no need of putting ‘LLC’, ‘.com’ or ‘homepage’ as your page title because your domain extension already displays them in the address bar, which can easily be viewed by the users. Just provide an appropriate and unique tagline, which summaries the information of your business in short, it becomes easy for the users to scan the entire page.

  • Avoid using outdated flash intros:

Provide meaningful information to the users by designing some graphics or icons to promote your website, rather than putting flash intros which have now become obsolete.

  • Don’t stuff your page titles with keywords:

Lots of keywords make your website look untidy, messy and very much unprofessional. Simply use limited keywords in your headings, sub-headings and paragraphs, so that it optimizes search engines to locate them easily and naturally, which becomes helpful to the users as well.

  • Spark interest in the users by omitting paragraph text:

Home page should be made free of paragraph texts, because whenever any viewer visit your website, they would not like to scan your home page in paragraph form as it becomes too monotonous and boring to go through. You may instead interest them with headlines or hilarious texts.


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